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Prank Your Monster Dildo Is Delayed Postcard

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Some people are secret size queens whether they like to admit it or not, men and women AND NOW and its our responsibility to reveal them! send a "sorry your giant dildo is late" prank postcard to someone, their postman will never be able to look at them the same again!

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Stitch someone up good and proper, friend? enemy? is doesn't even matter the result will be the same!

Just imagine receiving a apology that your giant dildo is delayed and thinking i didn't even order a dildo! but its too late now! everyone has seen and now the whispers start, this is going to be a hard one to live down!

send this prank postcard direct to them or get creative with where they really would be upset to see it go lol!

This little postcard is printed on 280gsm glossy paper (front and back) for a brilliant and more importantly, an authentic finish, making the gag even more tenable! for the best bang for your buck we advise sending direct, however we can additionally send it to you in an envelope (please designate at checkout) for you to distribute later.

If this one isn't to you my prankster friend please check our full range we have something to embarrass anyone.