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Prank Russian Bride Prank Postcard

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Send an embarrassing "Your Russian bride is on her way!" postcard from a fake made up company, and frame them in front of friends and family for ordering themselves a bride..i guess you can buy love after all!

Send it somewhere really embarrassing (their neighbour, their social spot?) so the most people will see their lonely secret!

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In mother Russia things are different to say the least.. as our unwitting prank victim is about to find out, but before that happens we really need to rinse the laughs out of this one by convincing their friends and family that they've gone and ordered themselves a soviet bride called katyana!! what a cruel gift.

The question is where could you send this postcard to have the best effect..i think their mum might be quite interested in knowing she may soon have a daughter in law, the possibilities depend on how cruel you want to be!

Printed out (front and back) on 280gsm gloss paper this postcard is sure to convince all those who behold it of the arrival of your victims bride and bring barrels of laughter that our victim may have to endure for some time before the practical joke is up! (if you let up that is) LOL  

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