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Flat Earth Society Prank Postcard

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Know someone who gets enraged by the flat earth theory? send them a "Thank you for your subscription to the flat earth magazine" postcard, all from a fake made up company, send it somewhere really embarrassing (their neighbour, their workplace?) so the most people will see!

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Some people literally get ENRAGED when they hear that people believe that the earth is flat.. well this ones for them! imagine receiving a postcard from the flat earth society thanking you for your recent membership to their subscription magazine and whats worse is if it was sent to the right place all your peers would think that they are a moron too!

This intellectually embarrassing postcard is printed on 280gsm glossy paper (front and back) for a wholesome organic reaction, giving a very authentic impression of a real magazine subscription sure to make the joke even more believable! for the best we advise sending direct to the victims peer groups desired address, however we can also send it to you in an envelope if you wish (please specify at checkout) if you'd like to deliver it later yourself.

Thanks for checking out our online prank shop, and good luck with your gag!